ITG air box induction kit.

Following many years of experience designing induction systems for both touring and rally cars at world championship level, attention to detail and hugh performance gains are the key to this exceptional system. Based around the remarkable AB65 air box we see a much smoother torque curve and a peak power increase of 8.2bhp

In Car Shot of ITG Induction kit.

Hurricane induction kit.

The package enhances the flow of air through to the engine, thus increasing power - the kit also ensures your engine gets cold dense air - not warm air from the engine. A sophisticated computer modelled design has ensured that turbulence is eliminated to ensure a steady, fast, dense flow of air.

Installed Hurricane

K&N 57i induction kit.

The original K&N 57i induction kit. The kit replaces your existing airbox system with an open cone. The result is a cone filter that can flow much more air than a standard filter, and allows the engine to rev more freely, delivering more power in the upper rev range.

K&N panel filter.

The K&N replacement panel filter for the Lotus Elise is a simple drop in replacement for the standard item. It flows better, gives better power, sounds better and lasts longer. It also comes with the famous K&N million mile guarantee.


Pipercross air induction kits have a uniquely designed air filter inlet, manufactured from a spun aluminum base, which incorporates a full radius air inlet bell mouth, allowing air to smoothly pass into the engine inlet, so maximining the engines power output.

ITG panel filter

have developed a replacement panel filter for the Elise. It simply replaces the existing filter in the standard airbox. The filter has much better flow characteristics than the standard a paper based item, and helps the engine breathe easier and will develop more power across the range.