Pagid RS4-2 brake pad
An excellent pad for road and track day use - superb bite.
These are the Pagid 'blues'

Pagid RS14 brake pad
They give the strongest possible bite and braking power and don't fade.

All Stainless Steel braided hoses with a choice of stainless or zinc plated fittings. Each car requires a set of 4 lines.

Gives more bite and feel as hose does not expand under pressure.


The benefit of 1144 is experienced as the temperature within the brakes starts to increase. M1144 will remain stable and consistent through to 450°C

1155 track use only


EBC Green Stuff

High performance brake material with kevlar fibres that will deliver excellent braking efficiency. Effective up to 500
deg C for use with standard cast iron discs, vented or cross drilled.